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Donderdag 9 mei 2024

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Sabrina Dinan is a singer songwriter from Co. Clare. She started playing guitar at age eleven and took lessons at the local community centre in Ennis. During that period of her life Sabrina was inspired by everything on the radio and listened obsessively with her sisters to everything ranging from Joni Mitchel to Wham.


The first song she ever performed was a cover version at a pub gig in Ennis. Soon after that she decided to take a year away to travel. And so, in 1999, Sabrina packed her bags and her guitar and headed to Australia. There, she continued to hone her skills on guitar as well as her own skills as a songwriter. And it was during this time that she wrote and performed her first original song titled “Musicmaker.” Sabrina still recalls the thrill of performing her very first song at an open mic night at The Bondi Hotel in Sydney.


This disconnect from the familiar gave Sabrina a renewed context and resolve to continue writing. While she continued to play in small clubs and festivals in Sydney, she met many other young, aspiring songwriters, on a similar journey of their own. They welcomed her to join them on various singing spots around the city. This, Sabrina hails, as one of the happiest times in her life.


On her return to Ireland, Sabrina settled in Galway and it was there that she recorded her first E.P. titled ‘The Bondi Hotel’ as a nod to her songwriter friends in Australia, who had made her time there so special.


With her new found confidence from her stint in Sydney, and the support slots that she had performed at, Sabrina continued to perform and write at Open Mic’s throughout city. It was a hard slog, and a lot of late nights, but eventually all her dividends paid off, and it wasn’t long before she began to get noticed.


After hearing her perform in Glór Theatre in Ennis, another Co. Clare resident, Luka Bloom, invited her to join him on his Holland & Belgium tour in 2006. Following this, and the comfort he had witnessed in Sabrina as a performer, Luka also invited her to tour with him in Germany, Australia and America in the same year. Sabrina describes this experience as;


‘The most amazing experience I could have received as an aspiring full-time musician.’



She was also invited to contribute to the late John Martyn on a Tribute Album titled ‘JOHNNY BOY WOULD LOVE THIS,’ in 2011 alongside artists including; Lisa Hannigan, David Grey, Beck and Beth Orthon. After all that initial success, however, Sabrina took a step back from performing for almost ten years. As Sabrina says herself about the Hiatus;


” I’m afraid there’s no great mystery there… only that other things in my life distracted me for a while.”


However, Sabrina is firmly back with a bang, and has continued to support many artists including Declan O’ Rourke and Ultan Conlon, both of whom hold Sabrina in high esteem.

She has, more recently, also returned to Het Depot in Belgium, in November 2023, again at the invitation of legendary singer songwriter Luka Bloom, to rekindle the special connection she had with audiences there in 2006.


Having launched her E.P. The Beginnings in 2023, Sabrina is busy gathering material for her Debut album.


Facebook:          Sabrina Dinan Musician

Instagram:         sabrina_dinan_music

Youtube:            @Sabrinadinan3528

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